Crafting is so hot right now with good evidence that as technology continues to grow, there is also more interest in seeking down time with hobbies that don't involve 'screens' and do involve creating things with your hands. We are increasingly placing true value on handcrafted quality items too. This is amazing for the huge wealth of designer maker creative talent here in the UK and also great news for everyone who would like to try different crafts, learn new skills and start new hobbies. Artist run workshops are now very prominent across the country and make fun ways to get a taster of a new craft without purchasing all the necessary equipment beforehand. As a designer maker myself hosting workshops, sharing skills and inspiring others is really rewarding too. I love to see the look on my students faces when they finally understand a technique and get the hang of it.

Hand Embroidery is such an accessible craft to take up as it is relatively cheap to get started and easy to transport. As long as you have a little project bag to store your embroidery hoop, embroidery threads, needles and scissors, you're all set to go! I often take my embroidery projects in a handy pouch with me to the park, on the beach, on the train, you name it! It is also a very relaxing and therapeutic craft where you quite literally have to slow down, but daydreaming and mindfulness is also relatively easy to achieve at the same time! It is good for our mental well being to slow down and listen to your own thoughts every once in a while! Taking five minutes to stitch a flower or such like can be a great way to clear an over busy mind. Freehand Machine embroidery is obviously a quicker craft than hand embroidery however it clearly isn't as portable! Some people say that it is much easier to practice mindfulness with hand embroidery rather then freehand machine embroidery due to the noise of the sewing machines but I find that you can drift into a zone where you don't really hear the machine anyway!

Our collection of hand embroidery kits have been really well received since we launched them. So much so that we have decided to offer the embroidery patterns and designs individually as well as the boxed sets. These pre-printed embroidery designs are hand drawn illustrations with a botanical theme and printed onto luxury linen/cotton blend fabric. It is really lovely to stitch into and a great weight of cloth to hold dense stitching. These patterns are suitable for both freehand machine embroidery as well as hand embroidery and designed to fit into a 6 inch hoop. They may be framed in the hoop and easily hung on a wall or propped upon a shelf.

Our beautiful Hand Embroidery kits in our branded kraft boxes make the perfect gift for a crafty friend or indeed for yourself! They contain all you will require to stitch up your own little embroidery hoop art. We have sourced the best quality materials with Elbesse hoops and Anchor threads. If you already own threads and hoops, then you may want to use our linen panels with your own colour palette. You can embellish these printed designs as much or as little as you desire.

Pre-printed linen embroidery patterns available now alongside our collection of boxed kits.

We are looking to provide more workshops in the Devon area for both hand and machine embroidery. More details are soon to follow. Keep your eyes posted for more news or you could sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop!

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