Our Story

We are a family run business located close to the coast in Devon. The company was born out of a mutual love and passion for well designed and beautifully crafted high quality products. Our love for interior design has a strong influence on our collection and we want you to be proud of your creations and display them in your home. 

The Founders


Annie is the artist and designer behind the embroidery label. She grew up in the sunny south of England in the 1970’s and has happy memories of being creative from an early age. She first learnt to embroider in primary school which sparked a love of textiles and sewing. This progressed throughout her education, culminating in a degree in textiles. After graduating she worked for a number of interior fabric design companies and was involved in both the design and creative process.

With over 20 years experience her creative career path has seen her follow an eclectic journey as a Visual Merchandising manager, gallery curator, photographer and illustrator. During her profession she has been fortunate enough to collaborate and produce works for musicians, international DJ’s and producers, has exhibited at a variety of galleries and venues and has also been featured in top class publications such as The World of Interiors, Love Embroidery magazine, Molly Makes and Artists and Illustrators.

Becoming a mother to two beautiful children, she put her artistic passions on hold to concentrate on their new lives together. Fast forward to the present day, Annie spends her time painting, designing and stitching up the wonderful range of embroidery kits and panels available in our collection.


Nick is not only Annie's husband but also the co-owner and manages the planning and operational side of the of the business. With over 30 years of customer service and retail management experience he's perfectly suited to the role. His technical expertise is the Ying to Annie's artistic Yang!!

Our Ethos

We always endeavour to utilise materials that have less of an impact on the environment. Wherever possible we aim to use UK based suppliers, materials and businesses for our processes. Great skill and care goes into creating our products, we select the best quality materials and never cut corners on quality. However we will reuse packaging where we can and recycle as much as possible!

The Process

Designs start their journey from Annie’s ever growing collection of sketchbook illustrations, paintings and photography where she draws inspiration from her beautiful surroundings and wonderful environment. 

Colour, form and textures are very carefully recreated in printed form on linen. The patterns are then embellished and stitched in wonderful colour palettes. These examples are photographed for you to follow or simply to be inspired by, then to stitch up your own personal versions with our curated thread packs. 

“We’re meticulous in our work and passionate about our brand and our customers - We believe in making products of the highest quality and we strive to offer the best customer service and value possible.”

Annie and Nick Shells Lampshade