So we kicked off our Spring 2018 workshops this weekend at the lovely Harbour House Centre for Arts and Yoga and it was a roaring success! We have the entire art studio on the top floor for the day which is light and airy. It really does remind me of my times back in art school! Our studio at Shelley Park School for Art and Design had a studio that we used to do life drawing in and it was very similar. Next time I shall take some photos of the studio! I forget every time!

tools of the trade

The ladies enjoyed a day full of sewing and chatting and exploring new techniques. I had taken boxes stuffed full of fabrics and threads and samples of my early work for everyone to play with. Everyone went away with a smile and heads full of ideas to further explore their new found passion. Lots of useful bits and pieces were also purchased to enable projects to continue after the day. I'm really looking forward to seeing how these pieces develop! Here are a few examples of the students work.

Fantastic illustrating with machines and applique techniques were explored.

Pretty little flowers created with zig-zag stitch in freemotion.

I can detect a little influence from my own work here!

This students piece shows brilliantly how you can use a piece of printed cloth and embellish it to create something completely unique.This example shows that the back of a piece of work is just as interesting and important sometimes as the front!

This is just a gorgeous piece of texture and colour blending experiments. 

So, well done ladies!! It was fabulous to meet you all and I was very impressed with the days results!

If you are interested in coming along to our workshops, you can book a slot via our website here:

You might also like to book a workshop as a gift for a friend or relative. We can email you a voucher to print off and gift. You will need to let us know via email that this is the case and if you have any special requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

Bye for now X