It has been really beautiful here for autumn half term, though designing and making has been slightly harder with the sound of giggling from the little ones and wanting to be involved in their games. This is the first time that I haven't really been around for the kiddos since having them. It is with mixed feelings that I write this post, I know from reading many of my fellow designer makers' blogs that I am not alone in the feeling of guilt when it comes to the school holidays and running your own business. I guess that is the same for all Mums out there who have to work eh!

However, I have been extremely fortunate that my ever supportive gorgeous fella had the week off work so he could take charge of the childcare and allow me to continue my Christmas making!

We have had some 'down time' whilst the weather has been dry and we all got some well deserved fresh air and a run around whilst having shell seeking competitions!

Anyway, the little monkeys went back to school today so it was all quiet again back at the ranch!