Mother's Day falls on a different date every year due to the lunar calendar. This special day has more significance than ever for me now as not only am I a mother of two, but I gave birth to my daughter in the early hours of Mothering Sunday a few years ago!

The annual celebration of Mother's Day is a good opportunity to say Thank You to all manner of mother figures in your life, be it friend, colleague, or family member. The celebratory tradition is believed to have evolved from an annual visit to the Mother Church (main church). Most churchgoers visited their nearest Parish (the daughter church) every Sunday.

Back in the day, children would often be sent away to work at an early age but would be allowed this day off to make the annual journey with their families. It was these children picking flowers on their way home that is believed to have led to the tradition of gift giving on "Mother's Day".

These days flowers and many other gifts are given as a sign of appreciation and thanks. Sadly, like many other celebratory dates, I feel that commercialism has taken over from true sentiment. If you simply spend some quality time and have a 'cuppa' together, this can mean more than any gift!

However, keepsakes that last and can be appreciated for a lot longer than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, (however beautiful!) can be a delightful reminder for the recipient. Alike Valentine's day, I don't think that one should feel obliged to show appreciation but to wholeheartedly want to on any given day.

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