Hello! It's been a while!

I must say that with the fantastic weather here in Devon, we have been focusing on feeling content, as in; being in a state of peaceful happiness, rather than blogging/online content!

Productivity hasn't stopped behind the scenes, yet over the summer holidays it has been a bit of a juggle with childcare. However, with the dawn of the new month it heralds for me the end of Summer, back to the school routine and full concentration on my own creativity.

This doesn't come without any sadness. I know that some people are relieved to get their children back into school and out of their hair, but I am so truly in love with my littluns and we have had a blast this summer just hanging out together as much as possible. Even just hearing them giggling together in the background while I work on one project or another has been so joyful.

I have also massively enjoyed a complete break from social media. This has also been a conscious decision. In a work sense I needed a break to review what I was doing and creating and where I wanted to take things. On a personal level it has been so refreshing not to be bothered by a constant flow of inane drivel on various platforms. I am puzzled how people have the time to comment and upload pictures of the most ridiculous things that simply shouldn't be aired or shared! I now only really have time for these things in a work capacity rather than trying to keep up with peoples news and my various daily feeds being over run with nonsense that seems to suck your time away from you like going down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland!!

So, yes, we have been feeling content. We are living more slowly and fully appreciating our lot, our surroundings, our most beautiful environment of coast and country. We have had several 'staycations' and our place has been so over run with summer visitors that we have had teepees and tents up in the garden to accommodate everyone, but we are now ready and excited about calmly and energetically welcoming the new season!